Group C | Triple Feature | Night 3

The Burglar Alarm | David Carkeet

“Mark Twain was an early adopter of burglar alarms, and their false rings plagued him and his family over many years. He captured this frustration in a short story, “The McWilliamses and the Burglar Alarm.” The story spans many years, but the action is distilled in this short play into just a few nights while retaining the zany spirit and much of the language of the original.” –

Cards On The Table | Lexi Sekuless

“Cards On The Table is a theatrical adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel by the same title. Set in the summer of 1935, witty and wealthy individuals are invited to the London home of Mr. Shore. In the elegant drawing room, the guests soon become suspects when an engrossing game of bridge is interrupted by a shocking murder. Though everyone seems to have the motive and inclinations, it is up to a sly detective to figure out the real murderer, forcing them to put all their cards on the table.” –

Couth | August Mergelman

“Couth takes place in the Spanish Golden Age. One must have couth in order to conduct oneself properly in a royal court; unfortunately, couth is something that neither Segismundo nor Finea has a lick of. Because of a prophesy that he would wreak havoc with his kingdom, the former has never had the chance to develop couth. Because of her general unwillingness to conform to convention, the latter has managed to spend her life avoiding couth. Despite an awkward first encounter, this unlikely duo takes the royal court by storm, and the results are catastrophic (or are they?) Each of the three short acts involves new twists, turns, and someone getting hurled into the moat. Yuck!” –


May 22 2020


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Jac's House
400 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas, ON, Canada
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