Rail City Theatre was born with the vision to bring engaging, meaningful artistic experiences to the City of St.Thomas.

Our Company is comprised of three main parts, the Youth Acting Program, Improv, and  Theatrical Productions. The arts are an undervalued component of our modern day life. They teach us essential skills in terms of growth, communication, development. It provides youth the opportunity to develop empathy for a character, and each other. It helps them confront fears and anxiety. It allows them to stand on stage and say, “this is who I am”. This is the aim of our Youth Acting Program. We want your children to be proud, confident young leaders.

For the grown ups we offer a monthly Improv Comedy Show.  If you have ever watched Whose Line is it Anyway, you know exactly what we do.  We get up in front of a live audience and create a two hour comedy event based entirely on your suggestions.  It is a lot of fun for performer and audience alike.  

Our goal remains to offer a full season of performances, but in the meantime, we are piloting a partnership with Jac's House by bringing individual plays to life in their venue.  The goal of any play we put on is to challenge, to inform, to entertain and to move. 

To those who have supported us so far, thank you.  To those of you just finding us now, welcome.  


Upcoming Shows

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