Rail City Theatre was born with the vision to bring engaging, meaningful artistic experiences to the City of St.Thomas.

Our plan is comprised of four main parts, Workshops, Improv, Theatrical Productions, and Summer Theatre Camp. The arts are an undervalued component of our modern day life. They teach us essential skills in terms of growth, communication, development. It provides youth the opportunity to develop empathy for a character, and each other. It helps them confront fears and anxiety. It allows them to stand on stage and say, “this is who I am”. This is the aim of our Summer Theatre Camp. We want your children to be proud, confident young leaders. Youth are not the only focus. Many times in life we set aside the passion we wanted to chase in order to meet the practicalities of everyday life.

Bills must be paid, kids must be raised, and that can often lead to that dream we never gave a chance to. With our Intro to Acting, Workshop series, we will guide you through basic movement, theatrical terms, and basic scene study. At the end you will be able to present your scene to an invited audience. For those that have been around the block once or twice we offer a Scene Study Workshop. We pair you with another actor and work through scene after scene helping you hone your craft. You get a chance to play a lot of different characters, as well as receive positive, constructive feedback.

We love to entertain!

We also love to entertain. Timothy Hedden, (Rail City Theatre’s Owner), got his start by performing in an Improv Comedy Troupe while he was still in High School. To this day he loves the spontaneous genuine laughter that riding by the seat of your pants can provide. Improv shows will run once a month. Which brings us to the last component. Our theatrical productions have two aims. We aim to please, and we aim to challenge. We will present a balanced Season full of farce, drama, and yes....maybe even a musical. Season 1 will be announced in November. We look forward to seeing you, growing with you, and entertaining you. 

Upcoming Shows

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