In partnership with Rail City Bistro in downtown St. Thomas we do live Improv performances on the last Saturday of the month.

If you have seen Whose Line is it Anyway, then you already have a pretty good idea of what we do.  The audience builds the show as we react to their suggestions.  You get a different and hilarious experience every time you come out.  No two shows are the same.

Corporate Gigs and Other Bookings
If you would like to book us for your event or venue please contact us at info@railcitytheatre.com to discuss rates.

Audience Reviews

"I would rank this improv right at the top. Clever, quick and very witty. Great venue too. Small enough to feel like you are a part of it. We will be back" - Cathy Plyley

"Such a hilarious and talented group of people! Can't wait for the next improv event!" - Shannon Maloney

"4 words sum to sum up my experience: I hurt from laughter." - Matthew Whitehead

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Your Improv Actors

Heather May
Heather May has been acting in local, independent and community theatre since the age of nine. She has performed on stages in Paris (Ontario), Burford, Brantford, Woodstock, London and India. She has been directing and producing theatre for almost nine years and has appeared in a number of commercials and training videos. She is a true believer in the healing powers of comedy. She says "If I go through life trying to make at least one person laugh a day - when the curtain closes - I will have lived a great life."
John Allen

John Allen is a community theatre actor throughout our area, performing with Elgin Theatre Guild, Aylmer Community Theatre, St. Mary's Community Players, and Stratford Community Players. He has appeared in commercials and as a background performer in television shows. He is also an original member of the Humor Sapiens improv team. John says " If you can learn to laugh at yourself and bring humour to your troubles, it empowers you to overcome them. I love making people laugh and have a good time, to forget the woes of the world even if its for just an hour or two."

Timothy Hedden

Timothy Hedden has been disrupting classrooms with his insights since at least the age of ten. He honed this particular skill set into attempting comedy any time the mood struck him. He first performed Improv sixteen years ago and has always enjoyed the spontaneity and connection of performing with no script, and no idea where any of it is going. In addition to his duty on the Improv team, Timothy is also the owner of Rail City Theatre.

Sam Shoebottom

Sam Shoebottom has been involved with theatre from a very young age. After taking drama classes in high school Sam studied at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. Since returning to Canada, Sam has pursued a professional career in many plays, musicals, commercials, and films. Sam currently works with Dufflebag Theatre, Original Kids Theatre Company and directs and acts with many area theatre companies.